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Updated September 2015


Lamat's forward berth, Saloon and Nav Station have been completed.

I will soon post pictures of some of the progress being made with the rest of the outfitting.

In the coming three weeks a new Head, Waste Water Systems, Freshwater Systems and a new Fuel system will be fitted.

Photo: Errol Smith


The Journeys of Lamat

A new beginning


                    Current Sailing Status:

At Sea Not at Sea

 Home Page

Updated October 2015

The Journey

The journey began in late 2013 when I stumbled upon Lamat. A 33 foot Steel Sloop.  I embarked on a journey to have her outfitted. Work began in the second quarter of 2014.

Being very rusted with webdesign I tried my best in bringing a simple yet functional website to Lamat's audience.

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Watch the intro video on Yacht Lamat here....

A very rare sight - The Two Theodore Moeckli 31 Light Steel Sailboats, Lamat and her older sister, Synove, - next to each other on the hard. A very rare sight seeing that only about 5 of these remarkable sailboats have ever been build. Only three remains in South African waters while the rest are reportedly sailing other oceans in the world. One of Lamat's other sisters have been recorded to have sailed at a speed of more than 15 kts downwind... Lamat has recorded a speed of 13 kts downwind during recent sea trials -- excellent for a light steel boat. And these vessels were build for safety and to sail in the very rough seas of the Cape of Storms while also be able to sail in all the oceans of the world. Lamat is currently being outfitted for the first time so that she will be able to do a circumnavigation.


Above: Lamat and sister, Synove - both undergoing maintenance at the same time.


Above: Lamat's Short Steel Keel was extended in July 2015 to provide better pointing and to increase speed to windward and to minimise drift while sailing to waypoint.

 Her initial draft of 1,2m+ was improved to 1.7m+.


Above: The keel is 99% complete - the sole of the keel awaiting antifouling.


Yacht Lamat


Lamat as an empty steel hull ...


A few months later....


Work in progress...


Lamat being taken back to her mooring after keel-fitting and adjustments.

Stay tuned... we will update this site shortly...